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Make great art. We strive to make and share great art with collectors who have the humor and audacity to embrace it!

What We Do:

We make paintings and limited-edition reproductions in a “Whimsical Realism” style. All work is designed and hand painted by Stephen Wheeler. Original works are available at occasional online sales and art fairs (see calendar). Reproductions are available on Etsy.

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Stephen's Story:

I grew up on a “Holler” (no one called it a hollow) in the heart of Appalachian Kentucky. My hometown was as colorful and neighborly as it was dysfunctional and poor.

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I had a ludicrously happy childhood, filled with rushing creeks, skinned knees, and back porch music. Sixth of seven siblings, I was quiet and overshadowed in my early years. Creating remarkable drawings and stories was my way of edging into a contested limelight.

Becoming an Artist:

Elation filled me as I gathered up my finished illustrations. At age ten, with less than 48 hours between concept and completion, I had created a book for my sister’s birthday. I was awed by the realization of my creative vision and thrilled with anticipation of the joy my gift would bring. I have made art for many years since then, but that was the moment I became an artist and I still believe the best art begins and ends as a gift!


Art is my gift to you- I hope it brings you joy!

Robert Wheeler at his drafting board
robert wheeler.jpg
Michael Wheeler landscape

My father, Michael Wheeler, is a magnificent landscape artist who has exhibited nationally. He has shown me that being an artist is a feasible path in more ways than I have space to thank him. 

My grandfather, Robert, was a skilled graphic designer. Many of my siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles have pursued art seriously. I naturally developed in a marvelously rich creative environment. 

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